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Dr Neh Onumah MD

Dermatologist: Skin Care, Lasers, Hair Growth, Hair Transplantation and PRP

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Dr. Neh Onumah is a Hair Transplant Surgeon and Skin Expert and a leading authority on light and laser treatments. As co-founder and medical director of O Medical and Aesthetics, LLC, Dr. Onumah is committed to bringing cutting-edge science and the most advanced dermatologic care to patients in Princeton, NJ. She offers a wide range of medical and cosmetic treatments, including skin cancer screenings, hair loss, and scalp concerns, nail infections, laser resurfacing, laser hair removal, and anti-aging skin enhancements for all skin types.

It’s time to feel at home in your own skin.

By designing specialized treatment plans, Princeton, NJ dermatologist, Dr. Onumah helps her patients realize their skin’s true potential. Whether a patient is seeking to even out skin tone and treat hyperpigmentation or minimize acne flare-ups and reduce scarring, Dr. Onumah carefully considers the unique qualities of an individual’s skin. She also understands the medical and aesthetic needs of diverse populations and strives to provide inclusive care for those who have specific concerns or goals, such as gender affirmation patients.

Dr. Onumah’s expertise and novel approach to her clinical practice are rooted in her rigorous, specialized training at some of the most prestigious institutions in the U.S. and Canada. After receiving her medical degree from Temple University Medical School, Dr. Onumah completed residency training at Yale-New Haven Health Systems and dermatology fellowships at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. During her medical training, she conducted research under the auspices and tutelage of one of the pioneers and leaders of the field of dermatology, Dr. Albert Kligman. Her own independent research has been widely published in peer-reviewed medical journals and she co-authored “Lasers for Ethnic Skin”, a chapter in the Handbook of Lasers in Dermatology that discusses the special considerations of using light and energy devices on darker skin.


Medical School: Temple University Medical School, Philadelphia, PA

Residency Training Program, Internal Medicine: Yale-New Haven Health Systems, New Haven, CT

Basic Science Research Fellowship, Dermatology: Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Clinical Fellowship, Dermatology: Columbia University’s New York-Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY

Dermatology Residency: McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, Canada


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