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Meet Dr. Onumah

Meet New Jersey Dermatologist,
Dr. Onumah

Dr. Neh Onumah is a Hair Transplant Surgeon and Skin Expert dedicated to helping her patients achieve an outer glow to match their inner one. A specialist in medical and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Onumah’s expertise in laser and light treatments is a cornerstone of her practice.  Dr. Onumah graduated from Temple University Medical School and completed her residency training at the esteemed Yale-New Haven Health Systems and has held prestigious fellowships at the Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania and at Columbia University’s New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

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Lines around the eyes can be one of the first telltale signs of aging. Crows feet, fine lines, and wrinkles in this area can easily be treated with a variety of non-surgical methods. Dr. Onumah offers a selection of cosmetic treatments that can help get you get back to feeling your youthful self.

During your initial consultation, New Jersey dermatologist, Dr. Onumah, will lend a listening ear to fully understand your concerns. She will then create a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Some of the most common treatment options for the eyes that she offers includes Botox, Xeomin, Juvederm, and Restylane to her patients in Princeton.

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If you are looking for fuller, plumper lips, there are numerous cosmetic procedures available to you that can help you get the aesthetic results you have been longing for. Dr. Onumah works with patients from all walks of life who want lip enhancements.

She provides non-surgical lip augmentations with dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane to provide patients with plumper limps. She also offers Botox to Princeton, New Jersey patients wanting to reduce the appearance of lines around the mouth.

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If you have unwanted fine lines and wrinkles, or would simply like a more youthful appearance without opting for more intrusive procedures, a liquid face lift may be just what you are looking for. Before performing a liquid face lift, Dr. Onumah will sit with you to fully understand your end goals.

From there, she will create a treatment plan to address all of your aesthetic concerns. The liquid face lift involves the use of dermal fillers to plump up the skin, providing it with a sense of rejuvenation. This procedure can address both sagging skin and unwanted wrinkles.

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People unhappy with the structure of their nose often do not want to undergo surgical procedures to address their concerns. Luckily, there are a variety of non-invasive treatments that can help with this type of structural dissatisfaction.

Dr. Onumah, a dermatologist in Princeton, New Jersey, uses dermal fillers to make a nose straighter, remove a hump, and make the tip of the nose look smaller and more refined. Botox can also be injected into the depressor nasalis muscles to stop the nose from drooping down over time.

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From acne to scars, rosacea, and melasma, Dr. Onumah treats a variety of skin ailments in patients of all skin tones. She undertakes a thorough analysis of the skin to establish the best treatment options in order to address various conditions. In her New Jersey practice, she uses the latest technology to rid her patients of their various skin markings with the aim of providing them with a better quality of life.

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Despite the increasing number of people in need of hair transplantation, it is difficult to find a good doctor capable of providing natural looking results that last. Dr. Onumah operates a reputable, high-end hair clinic that deals with both scalp and hair disorders. Trained under some of the leading experts in hair transplantation, she uses her skill and artistry to provide the best possible outcome for her patients.

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